Why should you learn French ?

Why should you learn French in particular? Nowadays, speaking only one language is not enough. Students who speak multiple languages will expand their chances on the job market of their own country but also abroad. Learning a language means adding some value to your profile and developing personal and professional skills.
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Why should you learn French in particular?
Nowadays, speaking only one language is not enough. Students who speak multiple languages will expand their chances on the job market of their own country but also abroad. Learning a language means adding some value to your profile and developing personal and professional skills.

Because French is spoken all over the world

French is spoken in the entire world. In 2022, there are more than 321 million speakers around the world. In about 70 countries, French is the, or one of the official languages. It is also the language the most widely learnt after English. France offers a large network of cultural and educational institutions across the world where language classes are given to more than 750,000 people each year.

5th spoken language in the world, after English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. French is the only language, alongside English, represented in all 5 continents.

255 million French speakers live in French daily and in a variety of contexts:

  • At home or at school, pass on by parents or learnt at school where French is the language of education.
  • Official language (alone or alongside other languages) used for all administrative procedures and professional relations.
  • Language of communication and culture, used in medias and cultural activities.

 Learn French for international relations


French is a diplomatic language, both a working and an official language of the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, International Red Cross, IOC (International Olympic Committee) ….

French is spoken in 3 cities hosting European institutions: Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg.

It is the third most spoken language on the internet (after English and German), and learning it allows you to get a new perspective on the international news and understand local events if you live in a French speaking country.

There are 430 French educational institutions spread out in 130 countries. They host more than 235,000 students including 56% of non-French speakers, which represents the originality of the network of French schools abroad.

It’s a good way to build new relationships between people and cultures around the world.

Speaking French really helps to protect the linguistic diversity in the world and avoid exclusive generalization of a single language in a globalized world.

Understanding French gives you a new perspective of the world and access to international media in French (TV5, France 24, Radio France Internationale).

Learn French to access to higher institutions and prestigious universities

French gives access to reputable universities and “Grandes Ecoles” such as “La Sorbonne, HEC, Polytechnique, ESSEC”, classified amongst the best European and international schools.

Students who master or have a sufficient level in French can join those institutions.

Under several conditions, French government offer these students a scholarship to join a third cycle of studies in France and get a recognized international diploma.

These schools are spread all over the country and each student can also choose where they want to study.

In Nice, for example, close to the Europass French Language School, you can find EDHEC, EUROCOM or even EPITECH.

French is a language of education. Living abroad for a year in an Erasmus program is an extraordinary life changing experience because you discover as much about yourself as about the outside world.

In some cases, knowing French is a major asset. If you wish to immigrate in Quebec, you need to show proof of your French level with a French diploma.

To study in France, you need to pass exams to prove your linguistic level. With a Delf B2, you can enter a university in France without an additional language test. It is also possible to benefit from diplomas recognised by French-speaking universities throughout the world, from Belgium to Canada. Finally, the Delf B2 gives you a real advantage in your professional career.

It’s also a professional language

French is a real asset in the job market for a lot of French or French-speaking multinational corporations in various fields of expertise such as the distribution (Auchan, Carrefour…), the car industry (PSA Automobile, Renault…), the luxury economy (LVMH, Kering, L’Oréal luxe), the aerospace industry (Airbus, Dassault…)

This language is a key economic partner. It’s the third country chosen by investors.

It attracts entrepreneurs, researchers, and the most talented foreign students. Learning French is also learning how to argue on different point of views, how to discuss and how to negotiate.

French is also a symbol of quality work. The Covid-19 sanitary crisis has brought up a lot of ethical and environmental questions that many citizens had already raised around the world.

French manufacturing is part of the current trend, based on local consumption and respect for the environment. Furthermore, a lot of French companies shipped abroad their products :

  • BIC pen
  • Champagne
  • Armor which makes barcodes
  • Pom’pote (mashed apples) for the children’s snacks
  • Tefal products, to cook

Learn French for culture

French is the international language for culture: visual arts, dance, architecture, cooking, fashion

French is, after English and German, the third language on the internet in front of Spanish.  Understanding French gives you access to a lot of information about science, fashion, finance, music, and medicine and many others.

At Europass French Language School, you will find French classes that you need to get to know the richness of French culture.

Recently, international series such as Emily in Paris, have put France on a pedestal, not only in their scripts, but also in the choice of actors.

Moreover, in 2020, 65 French musicians got golden, platinum or diamond records abroad. For half of them, such as Aya Nakamura or Hoshi, it’s their first prize outside France.

And in literature? Just think that it is the language of the great philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment such as Diderot, Rousseau, and Voltaire, who influenced the whole world’s culture and history. They have changed many people’s mindset by offering new concepts of freedom, against slavery, for instance.    

There are also great literary texts written in French such as “L’Etranger” by Camus, “A la recherche du temps perdu” by Marcel Proust or “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert.

Finally, French is the language of many famous people : Amélie Nothomb, Céline Dion, Jacques Brel.

Because French is a travelling language

French allows you to travel in many countries and make more authentic connections with people who are from the visited region.

By travelling in Europe, for instance, you could practice your French in France, of course, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco.

In other continents, they also speak French… On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, a lot of African countries kept French as their language of use. Go across the Indian Ocean and travel to Reunion Island! Cross over the Atlantic Ocean and discover the beautiful beaches of Guadeloupe, Martinique, but also, up North, lakes and forests in Quebec, Canada. 

Because French is the language… of love

French is the language of romance and love.

From its cuisine, its movies, its poetic literature to its French songs, French is a language with a lot of romantic references.

It is also the language of the famous “French Kiss” and the delicious typical accent when we speak “Anglay”.

In 2015, according to Babel, French accent is at the top of the most sensual accent list in front of Italian, Spanish and French with 34.7% of the votes.

It is very “cliché” for French people, but very serious internationally, Paris is the world’s capital of love. With monuments such as the Eiffel Tour or places seen in movies such as “le Pont des Arts”, where lovers come to seal their love by locking a bridge, Paris has been, is, and will be for a long time, one of the most visited capital cities for lovers.

French is a pleasant language to learn. It’s a language that requires precision, but its richness allows you to express a various range of nuances. We can quickly communicate in French after only a few lessons. That is why, amongst other things, students really appreciate French because it is a soft, melodic, and romantic language.


Are you still hesitating? Here are the key points of this article

  • French is the fifth most spoken language in the world, third language online on Facebook and Wikipedia and the second most learnt foreign language after English
  • French is the official language of more than 29 nations in the world
  • French is the working language in many international organizations (NU, OECD, European Union, UNESCO, International Olympic Committee, etc.)
  • And it is a SEXY language!

So… Are you ready to learn French? Do you have educational or professional plans? Integration needs?

Visit us at Europass French Language School !


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